Capitalising on Hot Vancouver Condos in Developing Areas of the City

A lot of people want to move to Vancouver, especially those looking for luxury accommodations. With the city’s hub already packed with homes and commercial lots, it is hoped that new developments around the region’s periphery, like those in Kerrisdale, can provide more living space options to prospective homebuyers. There will be many looking for a luxury Vancouver condo to live in, and you can capitalise on this gold rush.

Even if condos are hot commodities on the Vancouver market, it pays to be very careful in making such investments. A lot of research and considerations must be made before choosing among the various condos in Vancouver.


Searching for and Purchasing Affordable Vancouver Houses for Sale

Vancouver’s desirability, for one, has increased in recent times, prompting its housing price spike. Buyers, however, should not focus solely on the relatively high prices of real estate in the city, instead, they should keep in mind that properties in Vancouver and in other prime cities are great investments. Although it might seem unfeasible at this point, it is still possible to find affordable Vancouver houses for sale with the right help. The sound advice of local realty experts such as RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside will be invaluable to buyers looking to score a reasonable housing deal.

Real estate professionals are not just there to help buyers transact their home purchases, they also have vital in-depth knowledge of the local industry and market conditions, which can help buyers find properties with the most reasonable prices at the most opportune occasions. The experts can also help buyers in negotiating for better prices with sellers.

Sizzling Real Estate Market: Choosing Among Vancouver Houses for Sale

If you are searching among the beautiful Vancouver houses for sale and have found the property you want, it’s best to act quickly. In a sizzling real estate market, properties change hands very quickly, so you should do your best to match that pace. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you acquire your dream home:

Get Pre-approved

If you believe you require financing to purchase a new house, sort your finances right now. Head over to your bank and get pre-approved for a mortgage. By doing so, you can easily set a budget to work with as well as hand in an offer to a seller as soon as you find a house you love.

Location is a Crucial Factor when Finding Vancouver Houses for Sale

While these converted residential properties may just be the nice, quaint home that some families seek, Vancouver only has 56 of them. What’s more, 36 of them are still occupied by active park caretakers to this day. For this reason, homebuyers would have to look elsewhere to find the house of their dreams. Take, for instance, RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside’s listings for Vancouver houses for sale. Sure, a simple house surrounded by trees and friendly neighbors may sound idyllic, but homebuyers should also consider other factors like peace and order, ease of transportation, and access to schools when looking for a house to buy.

Fortunately, Vancouver doesn’t have a shortage of neighborhoods that meet these criteria. Kitsilano, for example, is arguably one of the West Side’s best communities, with its beaches, cafes, and organic markets that appeal to young professionals as well as growing families.

Common Home-Buying Myths

Here’s a fact: buying a house in Vancouver is one of the best investments you can make. The city, after all, has been consistently voted as one of the best places in the world to live in, thanks to its excellent educational system, vibrant culture, and environmental stewardship. If you plan to purchase a property in the metro, though, be sure to get the facts straight on these common home buying myths: Continue reading

A Vancouver Condo Unit can Suit You Best, if You Know Where to Look

Gifford and Moore’s story is a reflection of why many people prefer to buy a Vancouver condo than a single-family house of their own. While condos typically have a wide price range, the lower bracket is usually affordable enough to cater to first-time buyers and young families. Trusted real estate professionals, such as those from RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside, can point buyers in the right direction and help them find an affordable condo that suits their needs.

This doesn’t change the fact that condo living could be an excellent choice for a young family. Aside from the lower unit price, condos give people access to amenities they’d normally pay to have in their house—think swimming pools, gyms, and recreation rooms. Many condo units are also designed to cater to a certain demographic, which means that prospective tenants can expect to spend time with like-minded individuals and foster positive relationships with them.

Want the Condo Life? Consider the Following

People cite various reasons for wanting to live in a condo rather than in a house of their own. For starters, condo ownership typically entails fewer responsibilities, especially in terms of repair and maintenance, since condo associations take over most of them. Some condos even boast top-notch amenities like saunas and swimming pools that many who dwell in single-family homes can only dream of. Continue reading